Tis the Season to be Tacky

Its ironic. Youd think Id love Halloween , what with being a goth. After all, it’s the only time of year we can dress up as ourselves and not get gawped at. Unless it happens to be one of those times in the goth cycle when its actually cool to be a goth. Ahh the good old days of MCR and EMO’s-sigh!

On the one hand, halloween encompasses two things very dear to my heart-dressing up and sweets. I missed out on the whole trick or treating thing due to being in another country where they didn’t celebrate it and by the time we moved here I was too old to go. Although given that Im quite short, Im quite tempted to wear a mask and surreptitiously join a group of kids when theyre not looking. Im almost sure Id get away with it.

The problem I have with halloween is that its so tacky!! It has the potential to be the most opulent, decadent affair a la Interview with the Vampire, replete with velvet and deep red roses and all the other wonderful accoutrements of gothdom. But what do they do instead? Fill the shops with glowing skeletons, witches hats and that awful fake spiderweb stuff that is both ubiquitous and mandatory at halloween.

Christmas used to be the same. It used to be perfectly acceptable to adorn a tree with (shudder) tinsel and jarringly unmatched baubles (and not the kitsch type you get in Paperchase today.) There was also the obligatory discs of sugar paper festooned with the inevitable wisps of cotton wool and a few determined flakes of glitter clinging on for dear life that had been lovingly crafted by the children in your life. Back in the day they would have fitted right in with the rest of the tack, but now in todays age of tastefulness they threaten to destroy the whole perfectly crafted look of the tree you’ve been planning since October. It’s a difficult decision-possibly ruin your childs Christmas by rejecting their masterpiece or ruin your own masterpiece. My sister skilfully navigated this landmine by giving her children their own special tree on which they were allowed to unleash their unique creativity. Of course, it had its own special place too-in their room safely out of the sight of guests but where they could enjoy it every day. Now everyones happy!

I live in hope that Halloween will one day make the transformation from tack to taste the way Christmas did but until then I count down the days until 1st of November when all the sparkly, glittery things will come out in force. And if I cant handle it, I can always go into Debenhams, who put up their Christmas decorations on the 1st of October. That beats even me!